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Optimize and adapt to the real world

We TimeInnovation has developed the cryptocurrency Chrono and developed solutions with business. During this period, the token value achieved a great achievement of up to 180 times when it was listed. We believe that this is the result of the world's appreciation for its potential and attractiveness, developing solutions with an eye toward the real world. The cryptocurrency market is not developing because most of its projects have poor technical understanding and have become a pie in the sky. We want to develop a system that seriously addresses issues and promotes the industry in a sound manner in order to strengthen and revitalize the market.


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P2P type distributed
computing solution

When developed cryptocurrency Chrono, NEO was capable of high-speed transactions of 1000 cases, and judging from the expansion trend of ChronoPoint, we have judged the only BC that can clear the minimum transaction plan was NEO, and Developed ChronoPoint on NEO. As we proceeded with the solution, it turned out that transaction processing was slow in the existing blockchain system, and it was too slow to suite the real world. Our goal is to develop a P2P type distributed computing solution that can be used in the real world, not a desk theory, and to revolutionize the world as a system that can be used in the real world.


What is the conventional blockchain mechanism? What is the conventional blockchain mechanism?



- Proof of work -

Processed by All for one transaction.
Up to 51% inspection results go to right.
Process speed = 15 Counts/sec.
Lots of process can be done because of No limit with “Top Coin Holders”. There are many Nodes. (Number of Computer for mining)
Slow transition to the next transaction because of process by All holders



- Proof of Stake -

Processed by Each Top Coin holder for one transaction Based on hypothesis, i.e.; Coin Holder = who provides right result to maintain Coin price
Process speed = 1,000 counts/sec.
Possible to distribute by Reliable Coin holders, also plural number of transaction can be done at the same time.
Take long time to process because of limited Nodes, i.e.; limited “Top Coin Holders”

New blockchain mechanism


Selected Top 10% Coin Holders

* Credit must be secured because they are selected by PoS.

* Credit must be secured because they are selected by PoS.

The Top 10% Coin Holders are the representatives to create many groups,
each group consists of dozens of Node.
Each group inspects justice of one transaction interactively.
The groups are decentralized,
it is possible to go on different processes at the same time.

Applying All Nodes that join the network,
it is possible to process more than 2,000 transaction per seconds.


Credit card payments can be made in cryptocurrency

When paying by BTC, 2% surcharge is added on credit card payment.
Paying by Horos with an option could reduce the surcharge to
1% as one of the advantage by Horos.

In case of BTC
2% settlement fee for
¥1,000,000 purchase of BTC
BTC payment
equivalent to ¥20,000 occurs

Since the settlement fee is
1% for a purchase of ¥1,000,000
it can be reduced to HRS
equivalent to ¥10,000.

Every purchase with this credit card HRS is closed and will lead to
price increase and Coin distribution.

Flow to use

Receive a credit card
by post mail.

User deposits a
cryptocurrency, such as
BTC to a wallet in Horos.

Convert BTC to USD in the wallet.

When using the credit card
at a shop, deduct USD
correspondence to the
cost of the currencyfrom
the wallet.

Long term holding 5,000 yen as HRS
could have right to get this credit card.


Roadmap / Token Overview

  • 2019
    Listed on the exchange
    Start development of test net
  • 2020
    Start driving test net
    Start development
    of HorosDRS
    Start development
    of HorosSC
  • 2021
    Start driving main net
    Install HorosDRS in test net
    Install HorosSC in test net
  • 2022
    Install HorosDRS in main net
    Install HorosSC in main net
Symbol and unit of currency
HRS / 1 HRS = 10,000,000,000,000,000 fal
Type of currency
Utility Token
Number of issued currency at 1st
1,000,000,000 HRS
Consensus Algorithm


Time Innovation Co.,Ltd.

Name of the company
Time Innovation Co.,Ltd. (Cambodia corporation)
June 2018
Ryoichi Akaike
No;#55, Street 456, Sangkat Toul Tumpuong 1,Khan
Chamkarmorn, phnom penh
Business description
Sales and management of Token and IEO

Time Innovation Pte. Ltd.

Name of the company
Time Innovation Pte.Ltd. (Singapore corporation)
July 2018
Yuki Sawada
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #11-20,
The Central, Singapore
Business description
Development of ChronoCoin,
Horos and Application/ blockchain